ESG Solutions

Cornerstone Engineering is proud to have partnered with multiple clients to help achieve mutual Environment, Social, and Governance goals. We are continually utilizing more efficient and sustainable technologies and processes as they evolve in the Canadian energy industry. The following project examples illustrate our capabilities in these areas:

Carbon Capture: We are currently in the initial stages of designing a carbon capture plant and CO2 acid gas compressor to be added to an existing facility where CO2 emissions from the utility heat medium packages will be compressed and injected into a well. This is expected to capture 90% of CO2 from the flue gas streams, totaling 162 metric tonnes per day.

Waste Heat Recovery: we have designed multiple gas processing facilities with electric turbines equipped with waste heat recovery systems, allowing the plant to run more efficiently with less fuel use. We have also executed projects incorporating waste heat recovery infrastructure on existing compressor exhaust systems.

Gas to electric conversion: We have converted existing gas compressors to electric drive, reducing fuel consumption.

Solar: We have successfully designed numerous wellsite and satellite facilities incorporating solar as the only source of electrical power. We are also actively engineering projects involving the design of up-scaled solar installations for larger electrical consumers such as operations camps and processing facility uninterruptable power supply (UPS) charge systems.

Multi-facility Electrical Power Sharing: We are currently working on projects where excess electrical power generation capacity is shared between existing facilities with standalone gas driven generators at different LSD locations, thereby reducing wasted fuel consumption and excess exhaust emissions as a whole.

Electrically Actuated Controls: We have designed smaller facilities where process control valves are entirely electrically actuated, eliminating the requirement for instrument air or gas altogether.

Electric Heat Medium Conversion: We are currently working on projects that involve replacing natural gas fired heat medium packages with electrically powered heat medium systems.


Cornerstone Engineering appreciates the local communities in which we are able to work and live, and we contribute to these communities to ensure that everyone thrives together. Our employees and their families are important, and we encourage a welcoming company culture by providing various social events throughout the year for both team members and for their families.

We also host an annual charitable golf tournament with proceeds going to different organizations each year. We have donated to many local children’s sports teams in their fundraising efforts, and in general try to contribute to organizations that are dear to our management and staff members.

We also aim to contribute to more remote communities in which we occasionally operate, and consider locally-owned and operated vendors when issuing bid tenders.
Cornerstone maintains good working relationships with Indigenous communities when working within their regions, always being sure to submit or abide by appropriate regulatory applications and permits to achieve a mutually respectful relationship.